Ok, so I’ve been part of the Daily Deal business since it’s earliest days.  I was brought on by the founders of one the major companies in the space now.  I’m being intentionally non-specific as to which company, as I’m trying to stay anonymous on this blog.  I’ll be intentionally altering dates, names, and places to help maintain that anonymity.

My intention is to tell the world about what the view has been from the other side of the business.

So since 2009 I’ve been responsible for getting the deals that you see everyday in several cities over my tenure.  I’ve seen every possible permutation, mistake, and success over the last several years.  I’ve read a lot of the complaints, and there will be some here too, but I also think that there huge misconceptions about what failure and success of promotions are.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to help people understand what this whole thing is.  How to use it like a pro, and know when to avoid it.  How to measure success, and judge failure.  Most importantly I would like to share what the people on the inside are going through, see, and feel.


About dailydealinsights

I've been working in the daily deal industry since it's beginning, and will be sharing insider secrets for what's going on, opinion, tips and tricks, and some miscellaneous ideas.

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